When Lambo? How much Bitcoin do you have to spend or save?

The meme from 2017 seems to slowly become reality again: buying lambo’s with bitcoin. Although Bitcoin is intended as a new savings technology, you can of course also cash in the profits you make in a nice shiny bolide. How much do you actually have to deduct for that?

Bitcoin Lambo

After ‚When Moon?‘, ‚When Lambo‘ is probably the most commonly used term in the crypto community. It is often used as a joke by people who want to know when their investment will eventually earn them a lot of money. Lamborghinis aren’t cheap, and that’s how the meme came into being.

With the current price of $40,000 for one bitcoin, a quick calculation was made. In terms of Lamborghini’s you have of course different types and sizes: the Aventador, Huracan and Urus are the best known models.


At the top of the list of most expensive Lambo purchases is this Aventador. The top speed is no less than 349 km/h. It is the successor to the Murciélago and in March 2016, after only five years of production, only 5,000 units had been built. You could also give this car the title of ’scarce‘.

The new price is around 430,000 euros. If you subtract almost 11 bitcoin in total, you are the lucky owner of an Aventador. On the other hand, a low time preference can also mean that you might only have to pay half the bitcoin next year.


For half the price you can also realize the ‚when lambo-meme‘ with a Huracan. This model succeeds the Lamborghini Gallardo which was produced between 2003 and 2014. The Lamborghini Huracán was launched in 2014 for €262,398 in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, the racing samples are slightly cheaper and you can already get one for €170,000.

Would you like to tap this with your bitcoin, then you put it down with about 5.5 bitcoin.


The third Lambo you can choose is an SUV that reaches 100 km/h within 3.6 seconds: the Urus. This car has a price tag of 285 thousand euros.

Converted, this costs about 7 bitcoin. But again: have you already created a low time preference by stacking and hodling your BTC? Then you’re probably not waiting for this purchase, but see Bitcoin as a savings account rather than an investment.

This is something that Bitcoin, according to the theory of the Austrian School, causes. Hard money that functions well as a savings instrument changes the individual’s view of the short and long term. Do you (with devaluating approval) make a purchase for short-term consumption, or do you (with Bitcoin) choose to allocate your assets to a long-term investment?

Bitcoin and Tesla

When Bitcoin recently shot through $35,000, a new fun fact arose around Tesla. The value of the cryptomint was suddenly higher than that of one Tesla car. The price of the Model 3 equals $33,690.